How does Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation impact HVAC system size?

By using energy-efficient Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation, heating and cooling equipment can be “right-sized,” which saves valuable construction dollars and can extend the operating life of the HVAC equipment. Right-sized equipment is usually smaller and therefore, costs less. Because oversized heating and cooling units are inefficient and costly, Nu-Wool Co., Inc. provides software-based HVAC sizing assistance to builders and architects for residential structures.

Installing Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation, along with a right-sized HVAC system, will result in:

Improved Comfort

Occupants of the building will feel more comfortable all year long. In heating season, temperatures will be more even and consistent throughout the structure. The air conditioner will control humidity better, which means more efficient cooling.

Improved Efficiency

Vehicles perform better and obtain the best gas mileage on the highway, where there are less stops and starts. Likewise, HVAC systems operate more efficiently when less cycling (turning on and off) is required to heat or cool a building.  Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation reduces air infiltration better than fiberglass insulation materials.  Since air infiltration (air leakage) is a primary factor in demand on the HVAC system, using Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation enhances HVAC system performance.

Longer HVAC Life

Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation reduces the load placed on the HVAC equipment. Decreased demand and less cycling mean a longer life for the HVAC system.