AirTite Insulation Advantages

  • Less air infiltration due to caulking all top and bottom plates and all double studs. We also foam all windows and doors with non expanding foam.
  • Ceiling penetrations and interior wall top plates are sealed to prevent air infiltration.
  • Better ventilation in attics from air chutes in every space using the entire space.
  • Maximum R-Value in attics from even blown in cellulose at R-50. (15.5″)
  • Maximum R-Value in Box joists due to Foam sprayed between each floor joist.
  • Exclusive insect control with Incide in the Nu-Wool Cellulose that will exterminate insects on contact.
  • Up to 40% energy savings with all these advantages!!

What is R-value?

R-value** is a measure of how well an insulation product resists the flow of heat or cold.  A laboratory test in which an insulation material is sandwiched between a cool and warm surface is used to determine R-value.

Nu-Wool Foam – Closed Cell Foam (2#) – Open Cell Foam (.5#) CFI Foam – CMS Board

  • Nu-Wool Cellulose = Walls, attics, and floors etc.
  • Closed Cell Foam = Cathedral ceilings, box joists, and ductwork etc.
  • Open Cell = Cathedral ceilings, box joists, ceiling penetrations, etc.
  • CFI Foam = Masonry blocks, framed house walls, and brick walls.
  • CMS Board = Sound board, basement walls, and ceilings.


Recommended R-Values Product Used
Exterior Walls – 2 x 4 Effective R-17 Nu-Wool Cellulose
Exterior Walls – 2 x 6 Effective R-25 Nu-Wool Cellulose
Attic – R-50 (15.5″) Nu-Wool Cellulose
Floor – R-50 (15.5″) Nu-Wool Cellulose or Foam
Cathedral Ceilings R-40 – R-50 * Depending on Framing Nu-Wool Cellulose or Foam

Nu-Wool Cellulose

Sound Deadening up to STC 66
R-Value = 3.8 per inch
Flame Spread = 15
Smoke Development = 5

Nu-Wool Cellulose is a quality insulation manufactured from recycled paper. This product has no Ammonium Sulphate in it therefore it has no corrosive tendencies. Nu-Wool Cellulose is a “WallSeal” product used for walls and attic. It is applied to walls for a superior R-Value because it avoids air pockets and infiltration common with other insulation products. Nu-Wool WallSeal in walls and attics combined with our professional caulking and foaming package will give you a very high energy efficient home!